Simple Pleasures

Once a week, I take a bus to our local Sainsbury’s – or rather, one of them; we are fortunate to live in an urban area where they are sprinkled about like daisies in the garden – to do the shopping for my parents and I.

Because of the amount of shopping that I buy, I take a minicab home. As soon as the car gets moving, I move my head to as close to the window as possible. I always open it because I love to feel the wind against my face as it rushes past.

This being London, the minicab stops and starts an awful lot; and when it gets going, it never does so for very long before stopping again. As a result, I am not able to enjoy this simple pleasure for very long, but that’s fine. At least I am able to enjoy it if only for a short time.

The minicab home from Sainsbury’s is a particular highlight as I don’t drive and rarely have need to be driven by others. It’s my only opportunity, therefore, to feel Nature’s billowy touch. And what a lovely, cool, alright, slight aggressive touch it is! Okay, the faster the car is going, the more it feels like a full on kiss from an over excited or frankly drunk partner it becomes, but still – there is pleasure in that (I’m sure).

Speaking of the fast car – as well as kisses, the wind flow also reminds me of aerodynamics in Formula 1. Yes, that sounds a bit (very) sad but it does. The thickness of the air as it rushes through the window reminds me of how it presses down on an F1 car, giving it its downforce.