Brexit. Saturday, 19th October 2019

Just when we thought our MPs might finally – as Boris Johnson would say – get it done, Oliver Letwin threw another spanner into the works this weekend with his last minute amendment.

It would be easy, so easy, to feel annoyed at Letwin for messing things up, and at Hilary Benn and others for acting like they are the government but that would be unjust.

To the best of my knowledge, the Benn Act and Letwin Amendment are the work of two (and more) people who care about this country, and who want to see things done in a certain way for her good. It may be frustrating that Britain will not get it over and done with and leave on 31st October but who knows, maybe Benn, Letwin et al have saved us from a departure that would unnecessarily hurt people.

Either way, Hilary Benn, Oliver Letwin and co. give Christians, indeed, people in general, an opportunity to practice that great virtue: patience, and we can never have enough practice of that.

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