The Glorious Mysteries: Assumption and Coronation of Our Lady

For Catholics, every day is a day to say the Rosary, and each day is given over to a different Mystery. Today it was the turn of the Glorious Mysteries, the fourth of which is the Assumption of Our Lady, and the fifth her coronation (and the glory of the saints). These are both very powerful decades for they are filled with hope; specifically, the hope that if we stay close to God, He will bring us to His heavenly kingdom.

Actually, given how I am sometimes — often — okay, generally a model of disobedience I suppose the fourth and fifth Glorious Mysteries ought to be decades of condemnation but because I try, albeit badly, to stay close to the Lord even in my failures, I look at Mary’s assumption and coronation in a more positive way: look at the power of His grace! Look at what it can do!

Mary was taken to heaven in the way that God meant for her; if I stay as close as I can to Him, and dare to stay a bit closer, his mercy might just take me to heaven in the way that He means for me. And that is a great encouragement.

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